Time Stamp Server - Configuration

Timestamping Digital Certificate

Certificate Subject: C=VN, O=O Test, CN=Test 1; Valid From 11/29/2023 to 11/29/2028
Serial Number: 00CE603BD1FD7B0EFA0E50DBC9C6421C62; Thumbprint: 0E03543855562E6789DEF1DFCFD8FD3DDED2ED63
Certificate Service Provider: Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider v1.0
Is a hardware device: False; The key can be exported: False; Certificate Location: The certificate is a PFX file


The Time Stamp Responses must be digitally signed by a Timestamping digital certificate


Time Stamp Response Hash Algorithm:

*Time Stamp Server Policy ID:  (the default value is See RFC 3161 for more details)
The policy field MUST indicate the Time Stamp Server policy under which the response was produced.

 (if the ordering field is present and set to true, every time stamp can always be ordered regardless of the accuracy).

 (using a nonce always allows to detect replays. The Request is rejected if it not contains a Nonce and this checkbox is checked).

 (the Time Stamp Response size will increase if the certificate chain is included).

 (include ESSCertID or ESSCertIDv2 according to RFC 5816).

 (include qcStatements according to ETSI EN 319 422 and Regulation (EU) No 910/2014).

 (the Authenticode responses are usually encoded in BASE64).

 (by adding the accuracy value, an upper limit of the time at which the Time Stamp Response has been created by the Time Stamp Server can be obtained).

        Seconds   Milliseconds   Microseconds


If this checkbox is not checked, the Time Stamp Server will always send the Time Stamp Response for every Time Stamp Request.

Time Stamp Responses Log


The log file will be downloaded in CSV format.